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What Happens When We Don't Respect the Seasons of Life?

Everything in nature has rhythms and cycles...that includes us, as we are nature. When we respect our unique rhythms and cycles by following their lead, we are in 'flow' and our life unravels effortlessly for our greater good.

The amount of sleep, rest, nourishment, and support we need, plus our levels of energy, creativity, and motivation (to name a few) all fluctuate and cycle. We are not static beings from one day to the next, or even one moment to the next. This can be very confusing as we tend to expect that today should be just like yesterday, or this week should be just like last week. We think there is something wrong with us when we notice our increase in needs, or our decrease in energy…so we resist it, ignore it and forge ahead. We think it's too inconvenient to deal with.

This is when life (the universe/God/our divine guidance) gives us no choice but to pay attention. How? By slowing us down with illnesses, accidents, or our 'plans' being foiled. Yet still, we resist...which only increases the delay of flow and the damage done to our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

How do we prevent this? How can we flow with the cycles of life?

Simply listen…really tune in and listen to your body, mind and soul. We need rest, sometimes even hibernation, to replenish and build our reserves. We need space to integrate what we've experienced so we can assimilate and grow. We need the downward slope of life force and the energy it produces to propel us up the next hill. Life isn’t meant to be a flat line…flat line is death. Life is a roller coaster of unpredictable twists and turns. Be proactive...take care of yourself...respect the cycles by heeding their call. Then honor and embrace the ups and the downs...for this is what life was meant to be.

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