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Encouragement for these changing times

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Greetings beautiful souls…I’m here to share some love and support and encouragement. I’ll get right to the point...we chose to be here at this time, through this great expansion, transformation and ascension…and WE GOT THIS! Despite outward appearances, we sooo got this. 😉

If you aren't familiar with what I'm referring to, see blog post about New Earth here.

These are very difficult times to be on earth and you don't need me to explain what I mean by that. I can summarize with these words: duality, violence, oppression, suppression of technology, and power in the hands of the few. There are many who are saying this is THE most difficult time to be incarnated on earth. That may be true, but it's also the most exciting due to the shift that is upon us. If you're here, you chose this particular time period for a reason and you came with a mission, part of which includes assisting with the birthing of the New Earth.

We are souls having human experiences, multi-dimensional beings with a vast 'history,' and powerful creators here to allow source to experience itself. We are all ONE, interconnected in ways we can't fathom. We chose to forget this truth when we incarnated in order to have the most effective and growth producing experience we could. We wanted to be able to choose in every moment without the influence of knowing who we truly are. We wanted to see and feel the effects of our thoughts, beliefs, words and actions on ourselves and others…reflect on the outcome they led to…and then make the next choice. Over and over. (BTW, I love the grace that is built in to this - it is NEVER too late to make a different choice. Regardless of what we have chosen and experienced in the past, what we’ve 'imposed' on others or what others have 'imposed' on us…we can take responsibility and choose for ourselves what is next.)

As a collective, we have passed the fork in the road and we are headed in the direction of unity, cooperation, and compassion. Some have called this the next Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, the Great Awakening. Whatever you want to call it, it’s happening, and I’m honored to be a part of it with each and every one of you.

It's time to remember our divinity and sovereignty as creator beings. One of the reasons I'm here at this time is to inspire, uplift, and remind you of who you truly are. When you are dipping into the inevitable despair and hopelessness that often comes with the territory of duality and the collapse of such, or if you feel stirred and drawn to connect, send me a message...I'm here to support you. We are in this together!

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