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I was born on the 4th of July. 5:32 AM. I chose the date of my birth, where I was born, my parents, my Big T and little t traumas, my relationships, etc. I chose it all. (Why I believe that is not the purpose of this blog post, but if you want to know more on that rich and fascinating subject, read Robert Schwartz, Michael Newton, or Delores Cannon and their research.)

Why did I choose the 4th of July?? FREEDOM. FREE WILL. I stand for Freedom.

Now, I could go in the direction of how our Freedoms have been stripped away from us and most aren't even aware of it. But that's another blog post that I will never write because it simply doesn't matter. That would be giving energy to something outside of me that I don't have control over which is a complete waste of time and energy.

What this blog post IS about is that we all have the freedom to choose in every moment what to think, say, and do. Regardless of what has happened in the past or what is currently happening, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says or does, regardless of anything anywhere. We CHOOSE. Whether we realize it or not. We choose.

Now certainly, thoughts arise. They arise without our conscious direction. They arise due to the reaction of our nervous system, due to the unconscious patterns of thought that stem from our core beliefs, due to the effects of every moment that we've lived up until that point, and so on. We can't control comes with being a human and having an egomind. Humans think incessantly.

What we do have control over is how to react to those thoughts - what to think ABOUT those thoughts that just arise. What to say and do in response to those thoughts. We can allow our unconscious programming to run the show and continue to believe our thoughts, continue in the judgment of ourselves and others, OR we can recognize that egomind is driven by fear, worry, misery and doubt. Egomind is part of being human. It's not's necessary to live in a world of duality such as planet earth.

So I say thank you egomind for your assistance in the areas of getting me places on time, helping me stay organized, helping me to discern, problem solve, prioritize, etc.

But you are not running the show here. I am. The part of me that sees you, witnesses your reactions, your worries and fears. The part of me I call soul or spirit. The part of me that is eternal and ever present and can get clouded over with egomind's folly.

I can see egomind's activity and CHOOSE what direction my thoughts will take from there, what I will say, if anything, and how I will act.

Left to it's own devices, egomind will take full control of your life, leaving you depressed and anxious or worse. Don't let it. And I don't recommend trying to get rid of it...that tends to backfire because whatever you resist persists, sometimes with attitude. Make friends with need it and it serves a purpose, but you have the option to make choices from a higher perspective.

My wish for all on this 4th of July is that you know you have the option to own your Freedom and take back your power from anyone and anything outside of you. Take back the energy you've unconsciously given away and own where you are at and what you can do about it. Stop waiting for someone or something outside of you to make things better or to change so you can feel better. Only you hold that power, and that power, once owned and harnessed, is limitless.

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