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My reading was insightful and brought so much awareness to my mind! Truly enlightening!

I'll use Laura's expertise again in the future!

Tami, Minnesota

I truly have never felt so heard and validated from a therapist, counselor or life coach.

Katie, North Dakota

(A session)...It's like reading a good book that you don't want to put down, it's like your own life is a mystery and you unravel things at each session. I'm surprised by things in each session and I can't wait until the next session!

Anonymous, USA

It's refreshing not to have to rehash painful experiences verbally but to allow Trailblazing to do

what it does best; get to the root of issues and heal them.

Melissa, North Dakota

It is absolutely amazing. Each session has changed my life! I'm not suffering from daily headaches anymore, I have better relationships with the people I love and I'm not feelings my anxiety and depression like I did before this.

Maddie, Minnesota

Laura is so easy to talk to and is just pure in her light and energy. She accepts each person as they are.

Anonymous, USA

I would highly recommend a session with Laura to anyone that is struggling and is not able to move forward. When I first contacted Laura, I had completely lost touch with my spirit and my soul. 

Laura uses her intuition and holistic approach to connect me back with my true self - to guide me through the tough topics that have been holding me back from living life.  

Laura gives people the tools...allowing them to take back their power and energy that they had given away without being aware.

Emmy, North Dakota

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