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Discover Your Soul's Perspective

and find peace within

Aerial Pine Trees


Welcome...from my soul to yours, I welcome you and invite you to pause, take a deep breath and relax into this moment. Take a minute to drop out of your head/mind and into your heart/soul. Breathe deeply here. Allow the dust to settle.

Welcome to a place where you are honored and revered for who you truly are...a divine spirit inhabiting a human body...a spark of Source here to experience, learn, and grow within the duality that planet earth offers.

I've been a licensed professional counselor for 27+ years and I've discovered that talk therapy alone isn't sufficient. In order to achieve balance, we must address the spiritual and energetic aspects of ourselves in addition to the physical, mental and emotional. I offer a holistic approach to counseling that includes messages from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides and I use cognitive somatic energy practices to shift the stuck energy that leads to physical, mental, and emotional issues. 


Are you ready to merge with your soul, live from your heart space and feel a sense of peace regardless of what is happening around you?  


Feel free to click the button below to get in touch with any questions you may have. I look forward to connecting with you.




Let go of the unconscious hidden patterns of
thought, feeling and behavior
that prevent you from moving forward.

In-person counseling sessions are 60 minutes for $200 
Phone or video reading/energy clearing sessions are 50 minutes for $160
Phone/video sessions do not include the counseling aspect of Laura's expertise.

There are two avenues to work with Laura:


1.  In-person Counseling~Intuitive Messages~Energy Clearing: 

Laura is a Holistic Counselor that addresses all aspects of who you are as a spirit having a human experience. She uses her 27 years of counseling experience, clairvoyance/intuitive abilities and cognitive somatic energy practices to provide you with a tailor-made approach suited to your needs and goals.

Sessions take place at 360 Therapy Associates in West Fargo ND

Contact Jenny at 360 to schedule: 701-501-7449

or go to their website to send a message

Text or email me to schedule a free 15 minute consult to see if we are a good fit

2.  Phone or video Intuitive Reading~Energy Clearing

Each session is unique and based upon your intention and goals for the session. You will receive messages and visuals designed to provide clarity and propel you forward on your soul's path. You will be given an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you using cognitive somatic energy practices and an invitation to step into awareness of the Divine Being you truly are. Not sure where to start? Allow your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to lead the way. 

This option does not include counseling services

ND licensure does not allow telehealth unless the client resides in ND


Encouragement for these
changing times:

Greetings beautiful souls…I’m here to share some love and support and encouragement. I’ll get right to the point...we chose to be here at this time, through this great expansion, transformation and ascension…

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