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Discover Your Soul's Perspective

and find peace within

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About Me

Welcome! From my soul to yours, I welcome you and invite you to pause, take a deep breath and relax into this moment. There are no accidents and you are here for a reason. 


Perhaps you're like me...I've been searching my entire life for meaning and purpose...for something that would make sense of this convoluted world we live in. I studied all I could get my hands on, took an endless number of courses, learned various energy healing modalities, and researched quantum physics.


That was all fascinating and helpful, but I realized I still didn't have what I was truly looking for...which was peace. Using my human mind to look outside of me for answers was fruitless. It was only when I went within and connected with my heart space, my soul, that I discovered that peace was waiting for me there, every time. 


When we close our eyes and are quiet and still long enough to let the flurry of mind settle...then we notice it, feel it, experience it. What is it? Who we truly are.  Some call it consciousness, our eternal self, or the part of us that originates from source and connects us to all that is. This is where peace resides. Regardless of what is happening outside of us, we can go to this still place within and find refuge.

The purpose of my sessions are to clear what is getting in the way of you feeling and truly experiencing  your soul...so you too can find peace.


I was a licensed professional counselor for 25+ years until I decided I can no longer confine myself to a box that stifled me and my practice. Now, my work is honoring and building balance and coherence among all parts of me...my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, with the goal of expanding my consciousness.  If this resonates with you, if this is what you seek as well, I would love to connect. 

Thank you for visiting...feel free to reach out to me with thoughts or questions.




Release the unconscious hidden patterns of
thought, feeling and behavior
that prevent you from moving forward.

Session options:



This is an intuitive reading in which you get to 'see' yourself, in your mind's eye, what is revealed by your spirit guides. Laura provides support and guidance every step of the way. No worries if you struggle to 'get' the images or messages. Laura patiently offers direction and information to assist your process. It's exhilarating to get messages directly from your spirit helpers and to grow your own intuitive skills.

Bridge Over River

Intuitive Reading

Confused about next steps? Need some clarity & guidance? Laura taps into the wisdom of your higher self and divine helpers to reveal what you need to know to heal yourself. Expect new perspectives that will propel you forward.


Family Reboot Package

Each family has a unique energy and life of it's own. Laura tunes into the matrix of your family and, with assistance from your divine helpers, reveals the invisible dynamics that lead to confusion and miscommunication. This unhelpful energy is cleared and messages are received from each family member's spirit guides. This is a package and not an individual session.

Rainbow and Waterfall

Energy Clearing

We are energetic beings. Everything that happens to us and around us affects us energetically. When energy gets stuck, it results in imbalances which can result in: 

  • negative thinking and beliefs

  • anxiety and depression

  • inability to cope

  • physical illness

  • relationship problems

  • repeating unhelpful patterns

Laura uses the Trailblazing Communications System to identify and shift unhelpful energy. 

Sessions are 50 minutes for $160 and take place via phone.
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